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Chapter 1: Get Experience

Every salesperson needs that first company where they grind out sales and learn what the game is like. No one in any profession starts at the top, and sales is no different.

Chapter 2: Get a Good Territory (and Some Luck)

The most important factor to your success (or failure) will be the circumstances of your territory. But that luck is something you can help create, or not.

Chapter 3: Get a Decent Manager

The best you can hope for with your manager is that they do not make you miserable. But how can you know for sure before taking the job?

Chapter 4: Prospecting

There's a difference between prospecting and networking. If you are looking for a date, prospecting is approaching at a bar, networking is being introduced by a mutual friend.

Chapter 5: Working Decision Makers

The one thing you should not do above all else is silo your decision makers. It is the most detrimental thing that will block you from getting a sale.

Chapter 6: Don't Rush to Demo

The one piece of advice the books about demos are missing is that maybe you shouldn't do a demo at all; at least not in the way it's traditionally done.

Chapter 7: Price, Budget, & Value

The difference between a prospect's budget and your price is value. And if you have no value, then create urgency, wow your customers, or just discount.

Chapter 8: Don't Email the Proposal

Salespeople can make the mistake of not delivering the proposal in the same thoughtful way they went getting to it, and miss an opportunity to use leverage.

Chapter 9: A Sale is Never Complete

A bad thing to do in sales, and life, is get complacent. Once you get comfortable you get lazy and lose what you've achieved. And now that you're lazy, it's hard to get it back.

Chapter 10: Plan to Change Jobs

It's good to have an exit strategy in your sales job because it's unlikely you will be in the same position or company for more than a few years.

Chapter 11: Relationships

All your relationships in sales will be conditional on you making the sale. It might not sit well with you that your worth is based purely on how much revenue you produce.

Chapter 12: Ethics

On more than one occasion you might stretch the truth, embellish, lie, cheat, or steal in order to make the sale. But you'll also get a big commission check.

"Having been a sales person, sales manager, and CEO for 30+ years, Rashad Daoudi’s perspective and counsel is germane to the sales climate that exists today. “How Not to Sell” offers every level of sales person useful tips, thoughts, and strategies to make mediocre sales persons more effective and superior sales persons really effective. A must read."

-Michael Farmer, CEO, Innova-Learning